Why Logic Controls?

Logic Controls is a leading company in business automation, delivering Point of Sale (POS), Rugged Computing, and Kitchen Display System (KDS) solutions, services, and training. Our continuous goal is to offer top-of-the-line solutions to the hospitality, retail, healthcare, manufacturing, and government industries. With offices around the globe, Logic Controls provides the world with industry-leading business automation solutions.

Logic Controls has over three decades of technical engineering expertise and are subject matter experts in the United States with a global presence covering over 37 countries.  We offer the highest quality manufacturing, warehouse, and technical support from within the United States. We service a wide range of customers from SMB to enterprise businesses, providing custom-tailored solutions to help automate your business and increase your bottom line.



To empower businesses by providing advanced solutions for the hospitality, retail, healthcare, manufacturing and government industries, with excellent customer satisfaction, and top of the line products at a cost-effective price.


To serve and strengthen businesses through our software development, point-of-sale technology, innovation, and outstanding customer service.



We are committed to our customers through continuous research, innovation, integrity, and responsiveness.


We strive to be at the cutting-edge of hardware and software innovation through continuous industry research, development, and application of our technology.


We promise to nurture an atmosphere of positive change by always putting our consumers, interests, goals, and communities first.

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