smart orders are a feature of  KiitchenGo KDS

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“Smart orders” is just one of the many differentiating features included in KitchenGo KDS. Learn more about these features today.

Losing track of orders? Tired of dishes coming out cold?

Getting customers in the door is half of the battle, but if they don’t have a positive experience once they’re there, than these efforts are fruitless. The success of this experience is highly dependent on kitchen operations, and how optimized they are. 

“Smart orders” is a feature exhibited in KitchenGo KDS that automatically displays and highlights items that need to start preparation at that moment. 

KitchenGO KDS Premium's Smart Order Feature

With this feature, staff has the ability to easily recognize orders that take priority in the kitchen, without having to make any manual adjustments. This allows orders to be as fresh and as quickly prepared as possible.

“Smart orders” allow staff to…

  • Easily recognize the priority of each order 
  • Accurately time take-out order production based on the pickup time set by the customer, ensuring that their order comes out on time and is not cold by the time they retrieve it 
  • Time order output based on their tables so  the entire table party receives their orders at the same time 
  • Ensure dishes are served at the right temperature 

“Smart orders” is just one of many features highlighted in KitchenGo KDS that allows users to streamline and automate their operations for a better customer experience. These features, along with our hassle-free integration and superior post-sale support, make KitchenGo KDS one of the most convenient, innovative and customer-oriented KDS solutions on the market. We see your success as our own- let us help you to ensure that your operations stay ahead of the curve, and your business successful.

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